Singing and Dancing in the rain

New in from Stampendous and perfect for Valentine's day I've combined their stamp 'Rain Dance' with the Memory Box die 'Splashing Puddles' and now I can't stop humming that darn tune ......I'm singing and dancing in the rain.........

I was looking for a rubber duck stamp in Oysters yesterday but couldn't find one so I got this instead lol !
Because the die is quiet large and busy I kept the colouring very simple and only coloured the dress with my pens and kept the colours to black, white and red with a touch of silver.

Stamp and die available from Oyster Stamps, Rochester, Kent - Telephone 01634 686823 or Website


  1. Lovely card, and a great die. xxx

  2. As I'm reading this blog post the rain is crossing my garden horizonally, certainly not the kind you would be singing and dancing in. I love this card and the wonderful stamp you've used, it goes perfectly with the die used.

    Sue xx

  3. Beautiful card! How did you separate the text from the couple? They are so close together on the stamp.

    1. Hi JoAnne, thanks for your comment. I used masking tape to mask off the bit I didn't want to get ink on and then removed the inky masking tape before stamping. Hope that helps x

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