Ellie's Cupboard has a refit !

I knew the time would have to come............. I was dreading doing it............. but with the help of two strong young men, I did it.................................yes ladies, it's the craft room clear out! 

With this awful grey weather and pouring rain I needed something to cheer me up and I'm afraid Ellie's Cupboard was in need of a major facelift -  it isn't called Ellie's Cupboard for nothing, how can such a small space (7' x 7') get into such a mess ?! Surrounded by piled up biscuit tins, sweetie boxes - even chinese takeaway boxes, all stacked up on old bathroom shelves and kitchen cupboards is not conducive to my creativity lol ! 

So last Monday I just thought, I can't work in here like this anymore - and so the clear out began. Prior to this house I had been using the dining table and wheelie plastic trollies - which is fine until somebody wants to sit down for dinner (darn nuisance!) so I think when we moved here I was just so grateful to get a craft room that it just got messier and messier because you know how we crafters just NEED more stuff !

Here are a couple of before photos to show you how bad it got. I was really getting to the stage where I couldn't find anything and to get to something I had to move one pile to another.

So with a special birthday coming up I decided to treat myself to a new room........

........ with a little help (more like a lot!) from family and friends here we have the new Ellie's Cupboard......a place for everything and everything in it's place.

Well better get some crafting done then, what....did I hear someone say it's Valentines Day this week? Oh lawdy lawdy, I'd better get a shift on!!


  1. Love the new look craft room, although your old one did not look as messy as mine does sometimes.

    Sue xx

  2. You lucky, lucky, so 'n so !!!
    Eileen xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Oh Hellen thats lovelybso jealous...I am still on the dining room table as we haven't got any spare rooms x

  4. I have my box room, and like you everything has it's place. But I always find myself getting it all back out that space lol. Very nice x

  5. How lovely is that??? Really organised and streamlined. You'll never want to come out of there!!!!

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  7. congrats on your new place. it looks wonderful it is so rewarding to have a nice organized place to work in, it is a heaven come true , right? wishing you more creativity in your new space
    Happy Valentine's Day!


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