Memory Box - Thank You

Love making this card - but it did get a bit tricky - lol  - risking life and limb!

The technique is to ink through the stencil, I used Seedless Preserves, Picked Raspberry and Shaded Lilac. Make sure this dries properly and then re-attach the stencil (Memory Box Tessatina) and apply Translucent Paste. Remove the stencil and drench in Micro Beads. Now when I say drench, it's a big stencil and unfortunately I didn't quite catch all the ones that didn't stick to the paste. My craft room has a laminate floor so I ended up a bit like Bambi trying to walk on ice until I hoovered - so be warned !

Once thoroughly dry just mat and layer and I then added a Memory Box die - Thank You Extravaganza and a couple of gems on the flowers. If you enlarge the photo you should see the effect of the beads better, which to me suited the tile pattern of the stencil.

Big thank you to all my followers new and old, I hope you are all having a great 2014 so far - did any of you make a happy jar ? I only have 4 notes in mine so far - but that's 4 more things to make me smile that I would probably have forgotten :-) .

Stencil, die and inks available from - Oyster Stamps, Rochester, Kent - Telephone 01634 686823 or Website


  1. This is gorgeous Hellen, I love the colours used and the background looks great with all of the micro beads. Happy Jar?? I've been away too long.

    Sue x

  2. hi Hellen, looks amazing, the colours with the beads are beautiful, the die just finish`s your card design off.

  3. GREAT card!, do you know that "Golden" the co for paints, carries a molding paste with the beads already inside? I did use the beads separately as well and it was a mess too, but I found the "golden" paste and they carry as well with mica!!! it is very pretty...
    bye bibiana

  4. Great card Hellen love this I really want to try this technique out not tried it yet xxx


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