Here come the girls........

Well I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, I know I did with a big family gathering the weekend before and then my youngest daughter and her family spent Christmas with us. Such a joy to see my three youngest Grandson's faces on Christmas morning- super fun! We're nearly into the new year and I know it is a time when many of us reflect and remember times gone by. On that note and after doing 'me Mam'  I had another go at making some more memory frames. So as I was looking at a theme of people who have enriched my life the obvious choice was my daughters - so here they are - my gorgeous girls  ............

Each one was made with love and has little charms which mean something from their lives, a sewing machine and teacup for Theresa ...

...... a shoe and a cupcake for Ruth.

The hardest part and the longest is to choose the pictures, I wanted to keep to three to show their different ages so far, so many memories came flooding back and I had to be quite strict with myself or they would never have got done! Then came the supplier search to get the charms, texts and bling, actually assembling them was the easiest bit........
These were given as gifts to the girls - now I need to make them again for me to hang them next to me Mam in the hall.......what a lovely trio that will be :-) Happy New Year to all my followers, here's hoping for a good one! x


  1. Hellen these are stunning. I just love them and I bet your girlies loved them too xx

  2. Fabulous..... the most beautiful work. Well done Hellen.
    E xxx

  3. Such beautiful work and such lovely keepsakes...where might we be able to buy the sentiments/words? xx


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