Workshop Weekend - Day 2

Crumbs what a busy crafting weekend I've had -  Day 2 at Eileen Godwin's was working on Art Journals - which I am still trying to get my head round ! But I think what I love about them is that each page is a one off and they are just for me. My journal is for me to try out different ideas so they may not be 'perfect' but I can take elements from what I randomly create to do on other projects. There is a lot of freedom in doing this and it's quite liberating to be able to use different stencils and stamps and mediums to create whatever you want.
We were a very small class due to flu doing the rounds, but we still had great fun chatting as we worked using Eileen's stash of stencils and stamps. A good tip from Sue who was there was to date the pages so when you're looking back you will know when you did things.

As usual my first page was quite 'tight' in that it takes me a while to get into the right frame of mind - I'm so used to working in detail -random is hard for some of us!! But I'll blog it anyway as the others thought the vibrant colours worked well together - see if this had been a card I'd have binned it lol but by being in my journal I'll keep it as a memory of a lovely day (yes I know I could rip it out but I don't want to spoil my new book!!).
My second page was a bit looser (for me!) and I combined 2 StencilGirl stencils which Eileen had recently purchased from America. I quite like this one - it's my favourite of the two.
So there you go, me being a bit loose lol! A fabulous day and great to release any stresses and tensions. Talking of which, any of you local to Rochester - Oyster Stamps are having an Open Day on 23rd November at the shop and I've been asked to do some demos along with Martine, Tracey and Margo. Don't panic it'll be me who's stressed not you and it should be a fun day with drinks and nibbles and a raffle prize to be won so pop in if you can, it would be good to see you! Not sure what I'm demoing yet but they will all be based around stamping and colouring - need to get my head down then and get going, I'll blog some examples when I've done them. Thanks for looking and have a good week x


  1. These are both fabulous pages, I really can't decide which I love best? Love your use of colours xx

  2. What a great day we had Hellen. I love both of your pages and the great thing about the journal for me is that it does tend to take you out of the comfort zone. The first page is so vibrant with all of the colours, but it works so well. The second is more toned down, it almost looks like an old church window. I must invest in a larger book, so I can use those lovely big stencils.

    I need to go and photograph mine now, so that I can blog them

    Sue x

  3. Oh you are so lucky to be able to get to one of Eileens workshops. I love both your pages but the second one has it for me! xx

  4. thank you so much for the links and kind comments Hellen ... you produced some stunning ... simply stunning pages... love them both but the second on is gobsmacking!
    E xxx


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