Demo 4 - Bunting

Here we go with some springtime bunting - very easy to make...........

You will need -
  • 1/2  metre of poly cotton fabric, I used the same fabric for each piece but if you have scraps of different colours you can use them instead.
  • Corresponding coloured threads
  • Your digital image on fusible film (see demo 1 and 2)
  •  2 metres of 25mm bias binding (iron this in half length ways before you start, makes it easier to attach)

Each flag measures 16cm across the top and 21cm down to the point, this size meant that I had to print my image on a 6 to the page setting for an A4 sheet (full details are in demo 1) -

I only used 3 prints as they matched my colour scheme but I'll be using the other 3 prints on another project so they won't get wasted!

From the 1/2 metre of my chosen polycotton I cut 14 triangles - don't forget to add seam allowances along the 2 long sides! Although there are only 7 flags I am double siding them so you don't see a messy back.

Take 3 flags and on each one sew your 3 printed images on using your sewing machine. You may need to check your manual if you haven't done this before as I had to alter my settings to zig zag stitch and change the stitch length and width and tension and use the Satin Stitch Foot. Now I did feel a little intimidated by this as it's a while since I've done it, so I checked on a scrap bit of fabric first and can report back that it was much easier than I thought it would be and I think looked quite professional !
apologies for the afternoon sun
Obviously you don't have to do this method, you could do it by hand or  leave it as is just with the fusible bond (demo 2) - the choice is yours.

Once you've attached your image then sew your flags together in pairs, right sides together and then turn right sides out when you've trimmed the seams. All you need to do now is attach them to the seam binding -

Start from the middle to make sure you get an even spread,  put a marker pin half way along your binding and match it to a pin placed half way along the top of the middle flag, pin in place. Measure approx 2.5cms along from the edge of the flag and place your next flag, repeat with another 2 flags then when you've done one side go back to the middle and attach the remaining 3 flags to the other end. Simply sew along the binding from one end to the other.

........I added a few little embellishments between the flags by hand - ribbons and fabric flowers and you're done!

Hope you enjoy having a go, I used this image as I thought it would make a fab new home gift but there is a wide range you can pick from on the Lavinia Web Site just download the image , get some cotton inkjet sheets and away you go!