Demo 2 - Using Fusible Bond to Attach Images to Fabric

This is demo 2 on  how to attach your printed image to your project using a fusible bond.

You will need -

  • Your printed image on Inkjet Cotton Sheets - see demo 1 for instructions on this
  • Your project you are making, in this case a pocket for a pinny
  • A hot iron
  • Fusible Bond  - I used Bondaweb but other makes are available!

This is very simple to do. First of all I cut a piece of the fusible bond to fit the printed image and a piece of fabric to the size you require for your project. So you now have 1 printed image on cotton, 1 piece of fusible bond and 1 piece of fabric all cut to size.

Remove the backing paper from your printed image and lay it on the shiny side of the bond, iron for 5 seconds (for Bondaweb) - you have now attached your print to the bond.

Remove the backing paper from the bond and lay this onto your fabric and iron for 10 seconds (for Bondaweb) - you have now attached your image to your piece of project! Seemples!

There are other ways of attaching your image, such as applique which I will cover later. This way is ideal for beginners or if you're not sure about sewing, don't forget to keep your iron moving to make sure you get every bit heated in each process.
Finished pocket edged with fabric

Demo 3 is on completing a whole project - in this case a pretty frilly pinny!