Demo 1 - Inkjet Printing onto Fabric

Here's a little demo on how I used Jacquards Cotton Sheets for Inkjet Printing.

You will need -

  • A pre coloured digital image from Lavinia Stamps
  • Jacquards Cotton Sheets from Lavinia Stamps

......and needless to say a computer and and an inkjet printer. My printer is a very cheap model which cost me around £30 from Argos - so you don't need anything fancy!

I loaded my digital image, received in jpg format by email from Lavinia, into my camera software already installed on my computer. This meant when I went into the print option I could choose how many images to the page I could print. This is important to get right, for example on my software I could choose to print 1, 2 , 3 , 4, 6 or more to the page thereby determining the size of the image for my project.
Check out these 3 pictures - each screen shows an A4 sized piece of paper but then dependent on how many photos I ask for in my software I can alter the size of the  image to fit the project I am making.
I would really recommend you play with this and print off some examples of the different sizes onto ordinary copy paper, don't bin them -you can keep these for future reference on other projects. Once you are happy with the size double check 1) that your printer is set to print onto A4 size and 2) that you have it set on the highest saturation of ink eg best quality, before loading 1 sheet of the Jacquard's Cotton Sheet and printing off. This is a piece of cotton fabric attached to a piece of thin card/paper so that it runs through your printer easily.
 Leave it to thoroughly dry - it isn't soaking wet by any means but I wasn't going to risk it!
Paper prints for sizing reference
You should now have a lovely printed image in your chosen size on a piece of cotton fabric! Now you choose what method suits your project for attaching it. In my next demo I will explain how I used a fusible bond to make the pocket of a pinny.

PS I have checked with Tracey Dutton at Lavinia Stamps that I am not infringing any copyright by using this printing method  - ie; I have not altered her design only the size of the print.