Pan Pastels Workshop with Eileen Godwin

Had a fabulous day with Eileen learning all about Pan Pastels. Had made a conscious decision NOT to buy any of these until I knew how to use them. How many of us have stuff that we've bought and never used? You really cannot beat been shown and having the resources to have a go, make mistakes and then be put back on the right path to success.

We made 7 projects in the day, amazing! Just goes to show if you know the techniques then it opens up a new door in crafting. Eileen's demonstrating was so straight forward it was easy to learn, I came away with a lot of knowledge but need to put in a lot of practice! I plan to follow it up with some more of her workshops (not just Pans) over the next few months.

This was the first card I made, aren't the colours fab! First rule is that these pans are so full of colour you need very little - 2 swipes with a sponge and then on to the card. This one used a linen effect card and I have to say I found this finish a lot easier to blend on than the smooth card we used later. I have a stack of watercolour paper so I plan to use that up. There are just 2 colours in this, red and yellow with the orange created by blending them together in the middle. After stamping we used a Uni Posca white pen (need to get one!) to do the highlights, couple of punched butterflies and a little lady bird and it was done.

In this one we masked off the sun and applied the blue, yellow and green pastels in the same way as before to create the background. The great thing about pastels is you can use an eraser to lighten areas.



This card was soooo simple but I love it. You work on the coloured strip only and when finished you stick it onto the blank card.
I applied three colours of Pans and blended them. Spray, then I used three ink colours and a clarity swirl stamp. I think it's really effective and has such depth - fab.
Then I stamped the sentiment onto the blank card before positioning the coloured strip. And that's it - done. Really useful design for thank you cards etc.

This one was a variation of the horses card we did, exactly the same principle. Beautiful stamp image isn't it. I used the eraser more on this one to get the cloudy effect. You cannot erase after you've sprayed and if you want to highlight the rocks by rubbing off the colour then don't spray. Wait for the ink to dry and use a rubber to take off the colour.

Had one of those days when you go 'yes - I CAN do this' thanks to Eileen and her fabulous tips and knowledge. Highly recommended! Can't wait to learn more and meet up with my new crafting friends in December. x


  1. Absolutely fabulous Hellen

    I've emailed for details of her March workshop

    jacqui x

    1. Thanks Jacqui - hope you can make it to one, Karen Clare was with me at yesterday's and we both enjoyed it very much! I've booked for March so let me know if I can be of any help with extra local directions etc x

  2. Ooooo thanks for all the kind comments Hellen .... I am so VERY proud of you and all the other ladies that produced, like you, real PanPastel stunner's!
    Yes, the pans are easy to use but its takes practice... All my 'students' yesterday were off and 'flying' in no time at all tho!!
    Eileen xxx

    1. Morning Eileen, I plan to practice lots as soon as I get some pans!x

  3. Oh these are amazing thanks so much for sharing. Would you mind sending me the next workshop details I'd love to have a look.

    1. Hi Claire. Eileen's next Pan Pastel workshops are 12th Jan and 16th March. They are booking up fast so you need to check on Eileen's blog (Eileen's Crafty Zone)and contact her asap. She is happy to take provisional bookings I believe and keeps her numbers down to about 12 per session to give everyone individual time. Absolutely a great day and highly recommend. x

  4. Hi Hellen, well done getting all this blogged today, I planned to but been busy making samples all day.
    I adapted some of what we learnt for my samples, loving all the colours and experimenting!
    The cards look really stunning all displayed together, what a lot we achieved :-)
    Lovely seeing you and look forward to next time xx

    1. Hi Karen, couldn't resist getting it blogged when I took the photos - plus I use this as a reminder to me of what I've done. We got through an awful lot didn't we, normally do about 4 at a workshop! I was so tired when I got home. Thought of you when you said you were making samples, hope they all went well. See you next time x


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