Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Any Time is Cupcake Time!

Had great fun this week with a lovely clock kit from Karen Clare AKA The Clock Lady - click the link for more information on Karen's blog 'Craft Time'. Some of you may have seen Karen's clocks when Clarity is on C&C as she is a member of the design team and there is invariably a clock made using the new stamps each month for fresh ideas.

I used the Claritystamp Kitchen Set stamps and practised first on a paper template circle - wish my cake stand was a bit further left but still quite pleased with my first attempt! I backed the cardboard circle that comes in the kit with my own die cut piece of  black card of the Whimsy Double Scallop Doily Die before attaching to the blank CD (also in the kit). You mark the 'times' every 30 degrees around the face and I used the cupcake from the Kitchen Set instead of numerals. Et voila!
Everything you need comes in the kit - you just use your own stamps to design and  personalise it. Karen is starting up some workshops from October  - can't wait for her first one! Workshops are great places for crafters to share information and learn new techniques - oh and chat, drink tea and eat cupcakes ! x


  1. Super job Hellen, so cute. Karen's kits are wonderful and what a great blog you have written.

  2. How beautiful Hellen and so clever too, I love it xx

  3. This is fabulous Hellen....something a bit different. Would love to give 'clocks' a try xx

  4. I'm so impressed with your first clock Hellen! Really pleased you enjoyed making it. Are you going to keep it or maybe a gift for someone? I think you'll all like what I have planned for the first workshop ;-) xxx

  5. Your clock is beautiful Hellen love the cupcakes
    jacqui xx

  6. This is fantastic Hellen, love what you have done with the cupcakes, these would make a useful keepsake gift
    hugs pam

  7. Thanks everyone for all your comments - a bit of fun making something different x

  8. Beautiful clock Hellen would grace anybody's kitchen wall xx

  9. That's fantastic Hellen, love it xx

  10. Super clock Hellen, and a fab idea. Hugs P xxx

  11. This is fabulous Hellen! :o)


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